Friday, May 8, 2009

FERPA Inspection Rights

Q. I requested a copy of my child's education records. The school tells me that "FERPA only requires that the school division permit you the right to inspect and review your daughter's educational records. Is this true?

A. According to Federal law, your school is correct:

§ 99.10 What rights exist for a parent or eligible student to inspect and review education records?(a) Except as limited under §99.12, a parent or eligible student must be given the opportunity to inspect and review the student's education records.

State's may grant parents more inspection rights, including the right to copies. Check your State's education rules and regulations to see if that is true where you live. You should also check your school's policy. Sometimes, a school's policy will grant its patrons more inspection rights, as well.

Please remember that the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act applies to ALL students, not just students eligible for special education and related services.

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