Thursday, January 24, 2008

Homeschooling Children with Disabilities

While Indiana is one State that tends to ignore homeschools and the registration may be voluntary, parents of children with disabilities who choose to homeschool may be held to a higher standard than a parent of a non-disabled child. “Appropriate” is a much different standard than is “equivalent.”

I believe very strongly that it is better to prevent fires than to try to put them out. While Indiana may not “require” homeschoolers to register, it is better for parents of children with disabilities to do so. It is not unheard of for public schools in Indiana to report parents of children with disabilities to Child Protective Services when they homeschool, alleging that the parents are not providing their children with an appropriate education.

Parents of children with disabilities must be proactive, not reactive. I still advise these parents to document everything that the State asks for. It helps protect them. The same may not be true for parents who homeschool children without disabilities. That is not my area of expertise.


Anonymous said...

Are you a lawyer? The first recommendation for parents who want to homeschool a child with a disability is to seek the advice of a lawyer. There is no reason in Indiana to register a child (wih or without a disability). My lawyer strongly recommends against doing so..... And in fact, questions the legality of the state of Indiana requiring this information. My lawywer is on retainer and if CPS shows up, he has advised me to not allow them into the home and contact him immediately.....

I think that there are to many amateurs (paralegal or not) giving bad advice to parents of children with disabilities.

Pat Howey said...

You are certainly entitled to your opinion and you should never take advice that is contrary to what you are receiving from an attorney.

However, many parents are not so fortunate to be able to afford have an attorney on retainer.

My advice still stands to those parents.

Pat Howey

Anonymous said...


keep up the good work and I like the way you stand your ground and not get swayed by peoples opinion who don't really understand. I also to do my best in helping the disabled. I have a site that helps people with disabilities find disability scholarships to help pay some of their college tuition. You know the old saying that you will never really understand what the disabled go through until you walk in their shoes.
God bless you for being you!